Digital quests for life skills

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Project number: 2020-1-HU01-KA226-VET-094074

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„Digitalis” is a visionary VET training initiative poised to revolutionize the acquisition of soft skills among students in business, computing, and technical professions. In response to pressing challenges within the VET sector, this project, „Digital Quests for Life Skills,” sets out to bridge the gap in soft skill development. The program comprises two distinctive components: the VET Digital Learning Space, a fully online platform accessible worldwide, and the European VET Learner Award on Soft Skills, a comprehensive program combining digital and residential learning phases, culminating in a public award ceremony. What truly sets Digitalis apart is its pioneering gamified approach to learning, making skill development engaging, challenging, and rewarding for VET students. This innovative hybrid learning program, unprecedented in Europe, promises to equip students with essential soft skills while fostering cross-sectoral cooperation between the educational and business realms. With a vision for a more sustainable and skills-focused future, Digitalis is set to leave a lasting impact on VET education, enhancing employability, and contributing to a brighter tomorrow.

The primary goals of the „Digitalis” project are to address critical challenges in the VET sector related to soft skill development. By leveraging a gamified approach, it aims to provide VET students in business, computing, and technical professions with engaging and rewarding opportunities to enhance their soft skills. Through the integration of a fully online VET Digital Learning Space and a unique European VET Learner Award on Soft Skills, the project seeks to not only boost the employability and self-employability of VET students but also promote cross-sectoral cooperation between education and business, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and skills-focused future.

Funded by the Erasmus+ program of the EU